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Places AND THINGS you might like to go & DO when you ARE IN Brisbane

Southbank, Brisbane (#ParkMyVan #VanHire #JethroBatts
Southbank Parklands, Brisbane (#ParkMyVan #VanHire #JethroBatts


Southbank Parklands is a  family-friendly parklands and provides the perfect setting for a great day out. With riverside cycling and walking paths, lush gardens, a beautiful inner city beach, a great range of dining options and vibrant shopping, there is something for everyone to enjoy! It has it's own iconic features though out day and night!

Shopping Centre, Brisbane (#ParkMyVan #VanHire #JethroBatts
Queen st mall, Brisbane (#ParkMyVan #VanHire #JethroBatts


Brisbane offers a variety of shopping arcades, malls, local boutiques and luxury high-end fashion options. The  Queen Street Mall   is just one of the must do's for shopping in Brisbane.

Good food in Brisbane (#ParkMyVan #VanHire #JethroBatts
The Bun Mobile, Brisbane (#ParkMyVan #VanHire #JethroBatts

The Bun Mobile Truck


What do you do when you want to save some bux but also craving for good food? The Bun Mobile may be one of the solutions when you're in Brisbane. They belong to the VAN family. They move around a lot, so, if you want to track them down, visit  The Bun Mobile Truck opening time.

Le Bon Chiox, Brisbane (#ParkMyVan #VanHire #JethroBatts


Craving for some fancy cakes, but wouldn't pay more than a few bux for it? Le Bon Choix has all you need.

BESbswyBESbswyBESbswyBESbswy Address:  379 Queen St, Brisbane QLD 4000

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 9:00am - 5:00pm

Funky Bar ‘n Restaurant - Depo, Brisbane (#ParkMyVan #VanHire #JethroBatts
Depo, Brisbane (#ParkMyVan #VanHire #JethroBatts


Depo has a unique bar and restaurant.  It serves breakfast, good for groups, lunch, dinner, late night dinning and bar.

Address:  16 Horan Street, West End, QLD 4101 BESbswyBESbswyBESbswyBESbswy

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday: 7:00am-12:00am

Climb the Bridge, Brisbane (#ParkMyVan #VanHire #JethroBatts
Bridge, Brisbane (#ParkMyVan #VanHire #JethroBatts


The Story Bridge Adventure Climb  runs at dawn, day, twilight or night and is one of only three bridge climbs in the world.

Markets, Brisbane (#ParkMyVan #VanHire #JethroBatts
Markets, Brisbane (#ParkMyVan #VanHire #JethroBatts

northey st organic market ( sunday ONLY )

Sunday Organic  Farmers  Market at  Northey Street, Brisbane.

Address:  54 Northey St, Windsor QLD 4030

Opening Hours: 6:00am-10:30am

Held in the shaded car park adjacent to the farm, this is the only purely organic produce market in Brisbane.

Cellist and saxophonists serenade shoppers as they stock up on free range eggs, fresh honey, fair trade coffee beans, herbs and Asian greens amongst the plethora of pesticide free produce. It’s also the place to buy a takeaway caffeine infusion before entering the farm zone where chai rules.

Make time for the enchanting little farm itself – a tangle of vege patches, herb gardens, chicken coops, a nursery, cafe, and rustic play equipment peppered with wandering minstrels.

If you happen to park in the vicinity of Walker St check out the thirteen bottle trees forming a guard of honour.

The Gap Farmers Market, Brisbane (#ParkMyVan #VanHire #JethroBatts

The gap farmers' market the gap

The Gap Farmers’ Market   is a giant family friendly community market that is held in the spacious grounds of The Gap State School on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month.

Local crowds descend on the school grounds from all directions to buy the week’s fruit and veges, stock up the pantry with gourmet providore items, pick up some top notch meat (Kyogle beef or Tassie lamb) or seafood (local prawns, oysters and scallops) and grab some international street food for breakfast. And despite the volume of people, with so much space there’s comfortably room for everyone.

XXXX BREWERY, Brisbane (#ParkMyVan #VanHire #JethroBatts
XXXX BREWERY, Brisbane (#ParkMyVan #VanHire #JethroBatts


Address: Paten St, Milton.

Opening Hours:  Monday-Friday 11am, noon, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm; Saturday 12.30pm; 1pm, 1.30pm; Sunday 11am, noon, 12.30pm.

Cost for Adult: $25

Cost for Child: $16

The XXXX Brewery is located in Milton and offers visitors a tour of the Ale House with the opportunity to taste the local favourite brew. If you love beer or want to learn about XXXX's origins the XXXX Brewery Ale House is the place to visit.

Milton railway station is located just a few minutes walk from the XXXX Brewery and is only two stops from Brisbane Central Station (on the Ipswich line). Visit  Queensland Rail.

Museums, Brisbane (#ParkMyVan #VanHire #JethroBatts
Brisbane Art Gallery (#ParkMyVan #VanHire #JethroBatts

Explore the Arts and Brisbane's Museums at the Cultural Centre

Walking the line between "cheap" and "free" depending on whether or not there are special exhibitions being held, the entertainment-rich "cultural district" alongside Brisbane's South Bank provides a number of opportunities to get your fix of culture and history, playing host to various art galleries, museums and exhibits all within some pleasantly clean and modern surrounds. The Queensland Cultural Centre as it's known allows you to immerse yourself in a world of creativity both old and new.

On site is the Queensland Performing Centre which plays host to a number of live performances throughout the year, with everything from theatre to ballet to opera being held within its walls. Meanwhile, the Queensland Museum provides an insight into the historical, with exhibitions that focus on a specific aspect of history at different times throughout the year; despite its focus on the past, it's housed in a very slick, modern building that was constructed just a few years back. Those with a bent towards the artistic will enjoy the Queensland Art Gallery that showcases artworks from the past, while its neighboring Gallery of Modern art provides a contemporary slant on things.

With such a wide variety of cultural experiences available, there's something here to suit almost any field of interest, and all the facilities are located within easy walking distance of one another adjacent to the Cultural Centre train station for ease of access via public transport. Lastly, the towering Wheel of Brisbane sits on the shorefront just next to the museum, and makes for a great way to get panoramic views of the city at a reasonable price.