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Four girls. One coast.

It all started very innocently. Four girls and one big - Betsy. Easy, just one thousand kms to drive. On the left side. (Another reason why Australia is so special!) I was very close to crashing into cars heading toward me in the beginning of our journey. I managed not to thanks to my friends who were screaming at me each time to pull the van back in to my lane. Oops. I was a very safe driver the rest of the drive:)
6th Dec. 2014

Brisvegas Baby! Australia's Most Underrated City

Ahh Brisbaneā€¦the perfect river city, with the ideal balance of relaxed lifestyle and vibrant city culture. 3 days was barely enough to enjoy Brisbane but I gave it my best shot.

Newell Highway adVANture Route A39

First Leg Day 1- Sydney to Brisbane to Awesome Campers to Girraween National Park 3 hours, 246 km Hacky sack count: 3 in the dark (Day one, perhaps a little rusty). Overall Grade: A-