Travel Stories

Our first night was more comfortable than expected - it was really easy to set up our super cosy and spacious bed. We were up early, eager to get underway. Before we started our first surf session we had some delicious and fresh fruits for breakfast followed by some muesli, toast with cheese, avocado and a boiled egg on top. As the sun rose, the swell picked up and we were straight into some awesome, clean green waves.

The same day, we made some new friends, from Switzerland, Denmark and Germany, all keen surfers. We surfed together throughout the day and then moved to Birubi Beach in the afternoon. Birubi Beach has amazing endless sand dunes. It’s the place to go on a sand dune hike or to sand board down the hills. Pure white sand with a lovely blue sky and turquoise ocean. We felt like we’d found paradise. Birubi Beach at Anna Bay is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to and so we stayed an extra night at One Mile Beach Holiday Park to enjoy another sunrise surf.