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Jethro Batts is the founder and CEO of Park My Van, helping travellers find easier and cheaper ways to go camping, glamping and caravanning in Australia. Jethro is a part of our Travel Massive Sydney team and is happy to share the Park My Van (PMV) insider tips on how to build a startup.

Who is your startup for?

It’s for any traveller looking to hire a camper van and a place to park on their camping holiday down under. PMV offers a way to compare 30+ campervan rental companies and 5,500 verified park accommodation sites online in Australia.  

What inspired you to create this startup?

We wanted to disrupt a predominately offline industry, by bringing comparative services online. At the time, it was really hard to find a single place to search all the parks and camper van rental providers online. We wanted to create a place to easily search and book campers.

How did you build your startup?

My co-founder and I launched with our own funds, before finding the right industry investors to help get us on the road, so to speak. Afterwards we assembled a team of designers and developers to execute the concept. With the right mix of marketing know-how and tech skills, we were able to bring the Park My Van vision to life.

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