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#JethroBatts, Founder, The Team (#ParkMyVan #VanHire www.parkmyvan.com.au)

 Jethro Batts – MD, CEO & Organisational Nuisance

All-around dag, dork and general bad punner (written by Kate). He’s a seasoned campervanning, start-up and fitness enthusiast. Jethro has been in the tourism industry in one way or another for close to a decade. Some of these years were inevitably spent in the campervan industry. Naturally, he is an avid vanner and has travelled extensively throughout Australia. Next on the list is a campervan trip around Tasmania and New Zealand. 

Jethro is one of two Managing Directors and looks after the general running of the Park My Van clan, Business Development and Operations.

You’ll often hear Jethro say ‘that’s VANtastic’ along with other bad puns and poor dad jokes.

Kate Reynolds, Founder, The Team (#ParkMyVan #VanHire #JethroBatts www.parkmyvan.com.au)

Kate Reynolds – MD, Marketing & Branding Tyrant and general annoyance

She brings the VANity to the PMV team (written by Jethro). You’ll find her out with horses, travelling anywhere she possibly can and poring over marketing and branding magazines. Kate is another of the Managing Directors and takes care of everything Marketing and Brand related within the Park My Van brand.

You’ll often hear Kate swearing and cursing at Photoshop.

Codesource, The Team (#ParkMyVan #VanHire #JethroBatts www.parkmyvan.com.au)

CODESOURCE – The Coding NerdS 

Codesource is the brains behind the front-end functionality and back-end behemoth that is the Park My Van website. If you're after a website that looks as slick, smick and sexy as this one, visit codesource.com.au. Their team is located in Surry Hill's, a Sydney suburb known for its coffee (and beer).

Jenny Tao, The Animator, The Team (#ParkMyVan #VanHire #JethroBatts www.parkmyvan.com.au)

RIz Marie – The everything

A design extraordinaire… Riz spends her spare time doing, well... everything! From designs to illustration, sales to service, she is as multitalented as she is multilingual.

Mitch Bellach – The Crazy Designer

Mitch looks after all things Graphics. The seriously poker faced architect turned Graphic Designer is instrumental in the clean desk work place regime in the office. He is the Photoshop king and is constantly giving Kate constructive criticism in this field.

You’ll often hear Mitch say… 'I might just go grab some lunch'

Kat, The European Influencer, The Team (#ParkMyVan #VanHire #JethroBatts www.parkmyvan.com.au)

Kat – The European Influencer

Every company needs a token German girl, and this gem is ours. Kat is as smart as she is savvy. She has an infectious giggle and can often be seen kannodling with other team members on photoshoots. Kat looks after Park My Van’s European marketing and online strategies.

You’ll often hear her say something in German – that we don’t quite understand, but sounds like she means business all the same!

Mick Redford – The Quiet Achiever

He’s the thinker in the team (he’s also closely related to Kate... being her brother and all). He’s a modern day Shakespeare and when he’s not concocting creative content, you’ll find him in a book. He’s also a future lawyer. Some say he is only studying to get the wig. Mick takes care of Park My Van’s copywriting and a few legals.

You’ll often hear him say something philanthropic.

Ollie, The Eater, The Team (#ParkMyVan #VanHire #JethroBatts www.parkmyvan.com.au)

Ollie - The Eater

She’s PMV’s mascot.... and yes, she’s a real dog. We pay her food and treats as long as she tells the other dogs about Park My Van. We think she gets it. But with eyes like her’s, even if she didn’t we’d forgive her.

You’ll often see her taking a nap during office hours...