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Australia - what an amazing & fabulous country! A country best experienced on and off the road... and there is no better way than exploring it in a van.

Park My Van has been developed to help guide all those awesome enough to travel OZ by bringing the vanning community together. Park My Van is the brainchild of founder (‘driver’) Jethro Batts and co-founder (‘co-driver’) Kate Reynolds.

The idea was initially developed when Jethro was working for one of Australia’s largest campervan companies. After many years in the industry, he VANtured out on his own to create a website for vanners to find a place to park- whether in a campervan park, national park, free park, hostel or a private property.

He got the wheels in motion, but it wasn’t until meeting Kate, a budding entrepreneur and travel enthusiast, that he found a co-driver and the gears started changing. The company has since developed into what you see here.

Our mission is to bring the beaten track ‘online’. Whether you want to find a van, a park, a new journey or simply some inspiration, PMV is for you. It’s about creating a community where campervanners (no matter if you are born in the forties or the noughties) - present and past hippies alike, can convene and share their VANtastic journeys. So help us spread the love!

We might be the newbies to the travel scene but we know we can help you on your journey. It’s been an adVANturous road so far and we can’t wait to show you what is about to unfold!

Welcome to our garage.